Appeal to the President Poroshenko from the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Ukraine

Dear Mr. Poroshenko!

August 31 as the result of mass riots near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, that were provoked by the activists of radical organizations, 3 people were killed, and about 130 people were injured with varying degrees of severity.

There are three soldiers of the National Guard among the injured. They are on the verge of life and death now:

1) soldier Datsyuk Bogdan Viktorovich (born in 1990) - is currently in a coma second degree: brain injury, traumatic enucleation (removal) of the right eye;

2)soldier Guban Nazar Yuryevich (born in 1993) - is in serious condition: multiple injuries of the intestine, injured left foot and shin;

3)senior soldier Shiyan Vitaly Aleksandrovich (born in 1995) - is in serious condition: gunshot wounds of the front of the skull and hip.

Also 54 soldiers were injured lesser severity. They are being treated in military and city hospitals now. There are two officers among them. They are the veterans of the antiterrorist operation: captain Gutsulyak Bogdan Valeryevich and captain Shchetinin Denis Vladimirovich.

List of wounded and injured soldiers of the National Guard

Mr. President, we want to know for what purposes these guys were wounded? Who will be responsible for this? Why nationalists allow themselves to kill and maim people in the center of our capital? And could you comment the information that the Security Service of Ukraine plans to arrest a migrant from one of the eastern regions soon and then accuse him in organizing riots near the Verkhovna Rada? How long will you blame all the troubles on some mythical "agents of the Russian special services"?

Mr. Poroshenko stop this lawlessness made by the nationalists, until it turned into the shedding of more blood and greater catastrophe for our long-suffering people!

Appeal to the Minister of Defense

The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Ukraine joins the appeal of Poltava office of Ukrainian public organization «Association of Ukrainian officers» and asks the Minister of Defense to pay serious attention to these problems, which we have also mentioned many times.

"Ukrainian authorities against "The committee of soldiers' mothers of Ukraine"

We had to change our domain name from "" to "" because of the activity of Ukrainian special services against "The committee of soldiers' mothers of Ukraine" site. Today we continue our work using following resources:




Forsaken and Forgotten: Ukrainian Government Doesn’t Care of Debaltsevo Fallen Heroes

Any data about the fate of our fathers, husbands and sons is priceless for us because our new government doesn’t give us reliable information about the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the massacre in the South-East. There is no doubt that Mr. Poroshenko and his colleagues cover the real number of the casualties therefore they violate the rights of the families who still are not informed about their relatives' destiny.

The people who get writs now need to trust in the honesty of the military leadership.

The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Ukraine possessed the documents of the soldiers who lost their lives at Debaltsevo. We upload these documents on our website to all concerned families be informed.

Другие документы военнослужащих, погибших под Дебальцево Other documents of the soldiers killed in Debaltsevo

We also were given the lists of ATO participators who fought in the Donbass region.

List of the archives:
Archive 1
Archive 2
Archive 3
Archive 4
Archive 5
Archive 6
Archive 7
Archive 8
Archive 9
Archive 10
Archive 11
Archive 12
Archive 13
Archive 14
Archive 15
Archive 16
Archive 17
Archive 18

The fate of many soldiers is still unknown. The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers will do its best to identify their current location and to inform their families in spite of counter actions of the officials and the representatives of the special agencies.

Other documents

At the moment of ongoing mobilization and spring-time conscription to the Ukrainian Armed Forces many of us are wonder: why did our ATO command let thousands of soldiers and officers die at the Donetsk airport, Debaltsevo, Ilovaisk, Izvarino… What if they will abandon and betray our sons again like those who had been abandoned without any reinforcement, ammunition and provision at Debaltsevo?

Mistakes and indifference of our military leadership cost too much for us to allow generals to cover the real situation from their people!

The Committee of Soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine address to Minister of Defence S.Poltorak

To the minister of Defence of Ukraine

Esteemed Stepan Timofeevich!

The Committee of Soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine asks you for help!

American military instructors launched the training of our sons, Ukrainian servicemen. We know quite well about the moral features of American soldiers. We would like to remind you that on April 14 four American militaries raped two Ukrainian girls in Kiev. One of this girls is 13, the second one is even younger. Police managed to find the pedophiles but they didn’t face the justice. These persons brake the laws and stay unpunished. We wonder, what these instructors can teach our sons.

They approved by their behavior that they treat us as trash. It’s easy to imagine how they would treat our sons who has to obey their orders.

Moreover, as we know, their debauchery involves also homosexual behavior which is considered as one of the basic democratic freedoms. We don’t share these freedoms! We don’t want our sons to be morally corrupted by these “instructors”.

We remind you that the mayor of Ventspils had to ask the General Secretary of NATO for help to restore law and order violated by American militaries.

Everywhere American soldiers emerge arbitrariness, crimes, impunity dominate! Not only our sons who have to obey foreign commanders suffer from this situation but also the civilians who are instantly involved in different accidents.

The Committee of Soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine begs you to consider our appeal and to make a decision about the dismissal of American instructors from the training of our servicemen.

Sincerely yours,
The Committee of Soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine.

Appeal of The committee of Soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine to President Petro Poroshenko

To the President of Ukraine Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
Poroshenko Petro Alekseevich

Dear Petro Alekseevich!

Relatives of soldiers who fight in the ATO zone send us dozens of messages every day, claiming that our troops have really been surrounded by rebels in the Debaltsevo region. The separatists have blocked the supply of armament, ammunition, food and medicine.

Dear Petro Alekseevich, The committee of Soldiers' mothers of Ukraine asks you, as the President and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to save our children in encirclement. They can't fight without munitions and food, which they haven't received for several days.

Mothers of soldiers located in 101 and 128 brigades say that their sons haven't received any support and there have been no communication with the headquarters. There was nothing else left for our children to do but to agree with rebels' demands and to surrender to save their lives.

Mister President, we can't repeat the Ilovaisk tragedy! The rebels have laid down conditions to leave military hardware. That is the only chance for our soldiers to leave the encirclement. By official information at least 5 our sons were killed and 9 injured only the day after the truce had been concluded. We can hardly believe if this military equipment is worth our soldiers' lives. We ask you to withdraw the troops and to save thousands of lives. Staying alive the sons of our Motherland can do much more good to the country.

Appeal of the Сommittee of Soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine

Soldiers and officers!

Every day ATO brings grief to Ukrainian families. It is unbearable to read the reports of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine about killed soldiers. Today we anxiously keep up with the updates about Debaltsevo.

Practically, because of the inadequate command Debaltsevo has become a mousetrap. The consequences may be more awful than in Ilovaysk.

Soldiers, we are afraid that you were betrayed and left to die!

We worry about you and your relatives! You must survive for your families. You must survive for the future of our country.

We received the letter from the staff of separatists. They don’t want nonsensical loss of life. They guarantee to keep life to soldiers who lay down arms and let everybody return to their homes.

Sometimes it is better to lay down arms than leave your families without breadwinners and be forgotten. It seems that it’s the right moment to do so.

Appeal of the Сommittee of Soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine to Commander-in-Chief of the General Staff Of Ukraine

Chief of General Staff Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel-general Muzhenko Victor Nikolaevich

Dear Victor Nikolaevich!

The Committee of soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine is concerned about critical situation in the zone of antiterrorist operation. Thousands of soldiers are mousetrapped.

In spite of the fact that they permanently say on TV about achievements of our army, soldiers tell us that there are serious problems and a lot of soldiers are being killed.

According to our information, our troops lost more than 2000 people for last two weeks. The situation in Debaltsevo aggravated seriously. Why doesn’t command give support to units which can be encircled? You don’t want the repetition of tragedy in Ilovaysk, don’t you?

Our soldiers complain about the lack of military equipment and weapons. Also they tell that there are retreat-blocking detachments in Debaltsevo. They are ready to shoot soldiers for the retreat. How can you explain it?! It’s impossible to shoot people that only want to survive! Soldiers are trapped, it is not their fault that they didn’t get help. It’s necessary to make suitable conditions for soldiers and provide comprehensive support!

We know that there are problems with communication support in ATO zone. Soldiers and officers can’t reach relatives and even their commanders. Sometimes they don’t know what to do. Is it really difficult to provide communication support?!

Dear Victor Nikolaevich, we ask you not to condemn our men to death, dispose of retreat-blocking detachments, give them help and create conditions for defence of our Motherland! First of all, we ask you not to allow the repetition Ilovaysk’s tragedy in Debaltsevo. This tragedy claimed a lot of Ukrainian soldiers!

Yours faithfully,

The Committee of soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine.

Women’s meeting against to war

«This letter is appealed to all women of Ukraine to organize and hold a meeting against the war for the time the peace is coming in each villages and cities!

Dear women, you want that your husband, son, father or brother kill people and he will be mutilated or killed because it’s the wish of the USA ambassador or oligarchs?!

Hold the mass demonstrations in front of the U.S. Embassy. Let ambassador and others who rule the war leave Ukraine.

Women want to be alive, not to die!

Blessing to all women-peacekeepers

Eli Patriarch of Byzantine patriarchy»

The committee of soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine sent appeal to President!

The committee of soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine made public appeal to President Piter Poroshenko, in which call him for keeping his election promise.

Dear visitors you can explain your opinion, participating in the vote on our site.

«Punishing hand of the Ministry of truth» reached The committee of soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine

In spite of declaration of European values and freedom of speech December 13 website of The committee of soldiers’ mothers of Ukraine (voluntary organization for mothers of servicemen) was locked without explanation.

We don’t call to political combat and confrontation! We only want our children to be alive and healthy. Instead of it, work of the Committee was paralysed because our website’s hard disks located inside the country were withdrawn, breaking standards of international law of freedom of speech placed.

Probably, website lockout is effort of recently created «the Ministry of truth», they fight against «information threats».

To prevent such cases website’s administration had to displace website to one of European countries relying on democracy and decency.

Press secretary Oksana Klimenko